Product Features

  • Writes to Windows NT / 2000 Event Log

The Event Log is the standard event reporting mechanism under Windows. Utilize it's power with ActiveLogger for your own events.

  • Syslog support

Under Unix and Linux, syslog is the standard event reporting mechanism. Send syslog messages to your central syslog server and thus have them included in a central alerting system.

  • Ease of Use

ActiveLogger is extremely easy to use. Very few lines of code are required.

  • Full Control over Logging Properties

Have full control over which syslog priority and facility is used. When logging to the event log, use any event type, ID and source. Writes also to the system event log.

  • Centralized Configuration

The system administrator can setup ActiveLogger with the default properties to use.

  • Very affordably priced

Adiscon ActiveLogger is licensed on a per machine basis. Thus, there is only one license needed per server using ActiveLogger - no matter how many clients connect to this server.

  • Robustness

ActiveLogger is written to perform robust even under unusual circumstances.

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